Building Permit Data for Real Estate Brokers: How You Can Command Higher Commissions, Target New Leads, and More

ATTOM’s building permit data provides detailed information on any amendments or renovations made to commercial and residential properties in the U.S.

As a residential real estate brokerage, we are always looking for resources to provide us with additional advantages in our increasingly competitive industry, with low barriers to entry and an influx of new talent every year.

Over the past eight months, we have successfully used ATTOM’s building permit data for real estate brokers and other residential real estate professionals to grow our business and differentiate our team from the competition. Find out more about how we’ve benefited from partnering with ATTOM below.

The Benefits Boasted by Building Permit Data

ATTOM’s building permit data provides standardized data from over 200 million building jobs performed by a myriad of licensed contractors and offers coverage on 94% of America’s top cities.

ATTOM provides residential and commercial building permits by state, county, and nation. This data enables us to gain key insights into current and historical property developments in our target markets, allowing us to deduce the work undertaken on a building and the cost of the job – as well as any pending renovation work.

This data offered us the chance to provide more accurately estimated real estate valuations to the prospective buyers and sellers we work with – helping us to build confidence and improve our customer satisfaction rates. In addition, the insights we have derived from this data have allowed us to position homes in a more appealing light to potential buyers who are looking for reassurance that property renovations are up to standard.

Furthermore, building permit data has permitted us to build trust with buyers looking for reliable information on the condition of properties on the market, and whether or not properties of interest to them will be in need of particular upgrades.

How We Commanded Higher Commissions and Sourced Promising New Leads with Building Permit Data

In addition, ATTOM’s building permit data has also enabled us to find new leads to target. Remodelled homes are a key predictive factor in property owners selling their homes in the near future. ATTOM’s building permit data enables us to find prospects that are highly likely to sell and may be in need of a real estate broker to represent their interests. Using ATTOM’s building permit data, we have been able to create targeted lists of prospects and create targeted direct mail that appeals to their interests and offers our services.

 Moreover, ATTOM’s building permit data has also helped us source lucrative properties, such as energy-efficient properties and those with attractive interiors, that command high commission rates and avoid languishing property that offers lower-commission rates.

Why We Chose ATTOM as Our Data Provider for Residential Building Permits

When choosing a building permit data provider, we wanted a cost-friendly solution that could provide us with access to building permit data on almost any property in our target property locations. Offering over 200M permits and data based on the highest volumes of construction and remodelling projects in the US, ATTOM offers one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market.

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In addition, we as wanted a partner we could trust – a provider who could ensure that the data we were to be provided would always be timely and accurate. As a real time data provider, ATTOM provides monthly updates to ensure the data they offer is always truly reflective of the market.

In addition, we wanted a provider who could contribute an automated and streamlined solution that would be compatible with our current systems. ATTOM’s building permit data is delivered via their bulk property data licensing solution, which allows us to upload the data directly to our servers – saving us time and revenue on manually sourcing and compiling data.

ATTOM’s Commercial and Residential Building Permit Database Continues to Help Grow Our Brokerage

ATTOM’s building permit data for real estate brokers has enabled us to build out our lead lists, find homes that offer high commissions, and enhance our relationships with both prospective buyers and sellers.

ATTOM provide residential and commercial building permit data covering 94% of the top cities across the U.S. To learn more about our real estate research and the benefits we can provide you, contact our team here.

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