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Nonprofits Are Turning to ATTOM Data to Obtain Property Ownership Data to Locate HNWIs

Running a nonprofit successfully is no different than running any other business. The organization needs money and it needs to know where to find it – especially when the economy goes south.

Highly successful nonprofits have figured out that a good way to get ahead of where the money lives is to find out where the people who have it – live. And smart nonprofits are increasingly turning to one of the nation’s most premier property database, ATTOM Data Solutions, to narrow their searches.

When Good Economies Go Bad, the Rich Give Richly

It’s not that it’s ever a breeze to find donors but finding them when times are good, and money is flush is a lot easier than finding them when the economy sours. And even good economies will eventually, sour.

Research from Stanford University found that charitable giving almost always drops whenever a recession takes hold. A Stanford bar graph, in fact, shows charitable giving falling off a proverbial cliff at the beginning of the Great Recession, in 2007.

But in the depths of the recession in 2009, a joint study of charitable giving by Barclays Wealth and Ledbury Research found something curious – that high-net worth individuals (HNWIs) didn’t stop giving to charities. HNWIs did tend to lower their donations somewhat, but they still gave, while lower-net worth individuals ceased giving.

So HNWIs are vital pieces of the funding puzzle for nonprofits. The question is, how does an organization identify areas of wealthy potential donors, especially those who live out of the area?

This is where using robust property datasets becomes a must. Property ownership data to identify HNWIs today puts your organization on much sturdier ground as recession creeps in tomorrow. And no one has a wider, deeper pool of residential data than ATTOM Data Solutions.

What Kind of Data Can a Nonprofit Find with ATTOM?

ATTOM has leading-edge real estate data on 155 million U.S. properties, across 166,000 neighborhoods and 67,000 schools.

That information comes available as individual property searches and bulk data – whatever size and scale your organization needs to zero in on blocks, neighborhoods, even whole zip codes where HNWIs are most likely to be.

Multi-sourced real estate analytics data, and accurate calculations create a robust set of insights that can greatly augment your organization’s research and help point you towards the people you’re most looking for.

  • ATTOM’s Automated Valuation Model can identify the most accurate estimated value of a home and neighborhood characteristics.
  • ATTOM’s Market Trend Data can identify new HNWIs moving to an area through highly customizable data records on everything from sales records to mortgage originations.
  • ATTOM’s Real Estate and Property Data APIs offer a deep dive into real-time data, without the need for specialized software.

In other words, however and wherever your organization needs to find the right pool of potential HNWI donors, ATTOM Data Solutions has what you’re looking for.

Visit us at, or better yet, call our friendly, expert staff at 800-462-5125 and let us help you prepare today for your nonprofit’s tomorrow.

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