Big data is vital to business—and the amount of data continues to increase daily. Most innovative businesses pursue research using data because of the value that lies within.

These organizations seek better insights with proven results from data analysis, and these insights are decision-making factors for business strategies.  There is a sense, however, among many business leaders that they are not using big data to its full potential. One major reason is likely that most big data resides in proprietary silos that are often difficult to access.

Even with a single organization, a major impediment to big data analysis is that departments don’t have incentive to share data with one another. Studies have shown that one department may manage data that would benefit other departments. Yet, there is commonly a lack of communication—and management imperative—that inhibits potential data-sharing collaboration.

ATTOM Data Solutions recognizes the need to streamline data, quickly and efficiently, so clients can focus on their business. ATTOM was one of the first providers of property data to deploy Data-as-a-Service (DaaS). DaaS alleviates the burdens of planning and executing a data project by greatly simplifying the loading, managing, and updating of large datasets.

Extract more value from big data

Nearly all modern businesses embrace data analysis as one of their decision-making tools. However, only a small percentage of organization leaders say they can justify the resources to fully exploit the value of the data that they manage to collect.

Let’s look more closely at how DaaS works. Essentially, DaaS is a solution that provides a data stream. Clients can access some or all property data output from this stream, on-demand.

DaaS is a private instance of a fully managed Azure SQL Server database containing ATTOM data and provisioned for customer use. In this solution, the customer simply accesses the database in Azure directly and ATTOM manages the full data life cycle automatically for each customer database.

Analyze more data

In many cases, big data is unwieldy and disorganized. Managing the data is also sometimes complicated to platform and maintain without additional resources and expertise. Not to mention, typically, 80 percent of the time in a data science project is spent on data munging, loading and cleaning.

ATTOM Data recognized this hurdle and developed the DaaS platform to deliver large volumes of property data, that is easy to implement, timely, secure and collaborative – all while bring cost-effective.

DaaS enables better decision-making

The DaaS platform lets the customer focus on their business, not data loading, updating and server management which greatly reduces time to integrate ATTOM data to their solutions.

The ability to scale as well as the ease of introducing new datasets distinguishes DaaS from traditional bulk data solutions. DaaS can provide a collaborative platform for co-development projects and places data in its natural habitat.

Leverage specific data for innovation

ATTOM DaaS provides a customizable solution for your business. We’re ready to help if you’re only just beginning to move to the cloud, migrating away from on-premise, or working through a hybrid approach. ATTOM DaaS is a solid foundation on which you can securely build a robust future in managing high-value property data. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your DaaS questions.

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