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These days, sales teams depend on the data industry to give them insights that are crucial for successful lead generation. AIdentified is using proprietary data mapping technologies to give their clients better insights into consumer behavior, which ultimately helps them better convert their leads into paying customers. Here’s a closer look at how they’re using property data from ATTOM to gain those revolutionary insights.

Recognizing that Traditional Data Mapping Provides an Incomplete Picture

While data mapping and creating cohesive consumer profiles are both critically important components for successful lead generation, the data collection industry as we know it is still largely in its infancy, which means that some of the kinks have yet to be worked out. Tom and Darr Aley, the founders of AIdentified were able to use their years of experience working with visionaries such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to shed light on one of the industry’s biggest blindspots.

Traditionally, data mapping has been very segmented. On the one hand, there is the consumer data profile, which has been fairly widely explored. This profile typically includes a consumer’s demographic information, close connections such as friends, family members, and neighbors, social handles, and purchase history. However, in addition, every consumer also has a professional profile. While this second profile is more limited, it still contains important information about work history and income levels.

The Aley brothers saw that, by keeping these two crucial components separate, data providers were missing a huge opportunity. They were leaving room for there to be gaps in their profiles and for certain consumer behavior patterns to go unexplored. So, they sought to correct the issue.

Offering Combined Profiles Through Aidentified

In 2018, they launched Aidentified, an AI-driven, relationship-mapping sales tool, which melds consumer and professional data profiles into one. This combined profile ultimately creates a fuller picture of consumer behavior and allows sales teams to better anticipate future decision-making.

Ralph Schonenbach, Executive Vice President of Product for Aidentified illustrates how this combined profile can be utilized:

“For example, our real estate clients are very interested in the education levels of children. If someone has kids in high school or college, there’s a good chance they’re probably going to become an empty-nester after the children graduate. At that point, there’s a good chance that they’ll consider downsizing their property, which makes them a solid lead.”

He points out that personal connections, like family members, are traditionally stored under a consumer data profile. Meanwhile, education history is typically segmented under the professional profile. According to him, the thing that sets Aidentified apart is that they have done the hard work of finding those links so that their clients don’t have to. By adding more data to each individual’s profile, they have the ability to zero in on more-viable leads.

What’s more, Aidentified also keeps its clients up-to-date on certain trigger events that may precipitate changes in buying behavior. Schonenbach explains:

“When something big happens, say someone takes part in an IPO or there’s a management change in one of their biggest holdings, we’ll reach out to our users, and we’ll let them know that their prospects may be more likely to take action.”

Using Data from ATTOM to Create a Cohesive Picture

Although Aidentified pulls data from multiple sources to create its one-of-a-kind consumer profiles, the leadership team has turned to ATTOM to provide its real estate data. Currently, the company is leveraging property attribute and real estate valuation information, which are largely used to help validate other data sets and to provide a more complete picture of each consumer’s income level.

As for why the team chose ATTOM as their go-to property data provider, Schonenbach admits that they were originally users of Home Junction, one of ATTOM’s more recent acquisitions. Afterwards, they did look at switching to another provider, however, they ultimately decided to give ATTOM a try and were pleasantly surprised by the results.

“We were happy with the data we got from Home Junction,” he explains. “But after the acquisition, ATTOM gave us access to even more comprehensive data sets. We find that the data is quite fresh and is always updated quickly, which is important to us.”

Schonenbach feels that this is merely the beginning of Aidentied’s relationship with ATTOM. In particular, he points to the relationships they’ve formed as a major factor behind their decision to keep moving forward with ATTOM as their property data provider.

“We definitely plan to continue growing with ATTOM. They’re a solid partner of ours. The ATTOM team has been so responsive and supportive. It’s hard to imagine getting that level of service anywhere else.”

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