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Don’t Dismiss Data on Foreclosures

Foreclosures not on your radar? Maybe they should be.

Although national foreclosure figures have been trending steadily downward for years, real estate is a local business. And that means real estate agents and brokers need to be aware of what the foreclosure picture looks like in their area. Because, as ATTOM’s foreclosure and pre-foreclosure data tells, the real estate market in Orlando, Florida, is completely different from the market in Boulder, Colorado. In fact, this past May, foreclosure starts were down 23 percent year over year in California, but they were up 23 percent in Florida.

With ATTOM Data Solutions, real estate professionals can drill down deeper to get to the data in their neighborhood — as well as the potential leads that may await.

High-quality information, regularly updated

Although many people think of foreclosures as just a singular set of property data, there is actually a variety of stages and processes that fall under this umbrella, including critical pre-foreclosure information. ATTOM has been an industry leader in collecting foreclosure data since 2006, compiling and analyzing property records to provide real solutions to real estate professionals. ATTOM’s foreclosure data encompasses pre-foreclosure notices, including notices of default (NODs) and Lis Pendens (LIS), as well as public foreclosure auctions, including notices of trustee’s sale (NTS) and notices of foreclosure sale (NFS). Of course, ATTOM also has data on completed foreclosure or bank real estate owned properties (REOs). All of this is collected in both judicial and non-judicial jurisdictions.

Use the data to your advantage

Knowing about and understanding what’s happening in your local real estate market is a critical part of any real estate professional’s work, but ATTOM goes beyond just keeping you informed on real estate market trends. With ATTOM Data Solutions, real estate agents and brokers can take their business one step further, and create direct marketing leads and lists from pre-foreclosure data in their area. Or lists of recent foreclosures can help agents guide buyers and investors toward properties that may not only suit their needs, but also be appealing to their financial interests. With rich pre-foreclosure and foreclosure data that includes addresses and exact geo-locations, recording and auction dates, as well as foreclosure types, there’s no limit to the ways real estate professionals can mine the data to power and improve their business.

Whether you’re a foreclosure specialist or just looking to stay on top of the market in your area, ATTOM Data Solutions has the information you need to move your business forward.

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