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As an online investigative service for businesses and government bodies, we require up-to-date property data for our skip tracing and people location services. Our customers rely on us for accurate data to help them trace individuals of interest. To help us accomplish this, we turned to ATTOM.

How We Help Our Customers

Many businesses turn to us for help with skip tracing. Many businesses are plagued by debtors who have skipped town to avoid paying a bill for products or services they have procured. Debtors can be incredibly hard to trace and reach without the help of an investigative specialist service. Our customers rely on us to help them locate those they can’t.

To help our customers locate their debtors, we rely on a range of data sources to unearth and verify a person’s current location and contact information. Property data is one of the most valuable sources of data we have for locating individuals.

How We Use ATTOM’s Property Data

We turned to ATTOM, as a provider of one of the largest multi-sourced real estate databases in America, to help us source extensive recorder data across the country.

ATTOM’s assessor data and their highly-accurate geocode solution delivers verified property details for more than 155 million properties in more than 3,000 counties across the U.S. ATTOM’s data provides us with precise location capabilities and in-depth data on properties and their ownership, which we use to trace our customer’s debtors.

For example, we use assessor and geocodes data to locate and confirm an individual’s address and up-to-date contact details. Data on property ownership can also help our customers discern whether or not debtors have the capacity to pay off the debts they owe.

As one of the most comprehensive sources of property data on the market, with ATTOM we can ensure that we reliably provide the data our customers need to locate individuals. This proven strategy continues to strengthen our industry reputation and maintain our lead over our top competitors.

ATTOM has helped streamline and simplify our data collection processes – reducing the resources we need to source, process, and verify data – in order to gain the insights we need to best serve our customers.

An ATTOM Partner

We depend on ATTOM’s real estate data to help locate individuals for our customers. ATTOM has helped us maintain our competitive edge and has greatly simplified and streamlined our data collection processes.

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