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Uncovering the 20 Markets with Seller Returns

ATTOM Data Solutions took an early look at home seller gains from April 2019 in 20 markets that are typically of most interest.

When looking at home seller gains, ATTOM looks at the difference between the median sales price of homes in a given market in a given quarter and the median sales price of the previous sale of those same homes, expressed both in a dollar amount and as a percentage of the previous median sales price.

20 Markets and Home Seller Returns

While this data can go back historically to help uncover any trends overtime, ATTOM Data decided to just look at a year over year comparison to see how the average home seller returns are fluctuating. For a detailed home sales data analysis, click here.

Among those 20 markets, San Francisco, California saw the highest seller return in April 2019 with a 74.0 percent return, selling for an average of $385,000 more than the original purchase price. However, this is down from last year, when there was an 81.6 percent return and a $400,000 gain.

In fact, that Top 10 markets with the greatest seller returns in April 2019, are all down from last year. The next in line was Seattle, Washington with a 64.6 percent return in April 2019, down from 74.1 percent a year ago. Then Portland, Oregon with a 55.3 percent return in April 2019, down from 58.7 percent a year ago. Out of those top 20 markets, only 8 markets saw returns greater than last year. New York, New York saw the greatest jump from last year.

Dollar Gains

It’s still no surprise that San Francisco is leading the way with the greatest dollar gains in April 2019, given the fact that home prices there are some of the highest in the country. However, what about those markets that saw the greatest jump in gains from last year, meaning the market is still going strong and thriving.

New York saw a $24,000 increase in seller gains from last year, going from a gain of $65,000 in April 2018 to a gain of $89,000 in April 2019. Markets to follow include – Washington. D.C. with an increase of $8,250 from last year; Cleveland, Ohio with an increase of $8,225 from last year; Tampa, Florida with an increase of $5,000 from last year; Detroit, Michigan with an increase of $4,250 from last year; and Atlanta, Georgia with an increase of $3,900 from last year.

Curious as to know how other markets faired? Or want to go back historically to uncover more trends? Or want to look at annual or quarterly gains? Feel free to contact us now and find out how you can get your hands on the data.

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