ATTOM’s Real Estate API Meets Auto-Fill Functionality: A Simple and Effective Way to Improve User Experience on Your iBuyer Platform                

iBuyers are increasingly becoming one of the biggest trends in real estate. From independent iBuyer platforms to iBuyer platforms brought to market by some of the leading real estate companies, iBuyers are quickly gaining traction in the real estate space.

In a competitive market, the usability of your iBuyer platform is key to your success. In this post, we explore how you can enhance user experience with auto-fill functionality and ATTOM’s leading real estate API. Read on to learn more.

Is Real Estate Becoming an iBuyer’s Market?

iBuyers have gained a reputation for simplifying and speeding-up the home selling and purchasing process, providing home sellers with a fair market value home valuation and subsequently taking on the headache of preparing, marketing, and selling a home – aligning the home-sale date with the sellers move in date.

The iBuyer model all started with independent iBuyer platforms in 2015. Now, some of the biggest players in the real estate space are adopting the iBuyer model; some market leaders predict that iBuyers will claim 60% of home sales by 2024.

As such, building your reputation as an easy-to-use service is key for customer retention in a competitive market. Auto-fill forms are one of the best ways to improve the functionality of your iBuyer platform and convert more customers – discover the benefits, below.

Optimize iBuyer User Experience with Auto-Fill

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Providing an iBuyer platform that’s easy to navigate, intuitive, and quick to load is key to reducing your bounce rates and retaining your users. How can you accomplish this? Adding auto-fill functionality to your platform is one of the simplest and most effective ways to enhance user experience.

From stored passwords to address details, auto-fill is a popular functionality that automatically adds text to specified text boxes. Auto-fill speeds-up the form filling process, and avoids the frustration of having to fill in row after row of property details – automatically increasing your conversions.

As an iBuyer platform provider, a key part of the process for your users is filling in data on their properties before they list them on your platform. With ATTOM’s property data you can enable your text boxes to automatically add property data for each home owner. ATTOM’s real estate data covers property characteristics for more than 155 million properties nationwide, as well as 99% of the U.S. population.

Comprehensive property data can provide information on properties that home owners may be unaware of, such as a property’s full sales history. As such, our property data can fill-in home owners gaps in knowledge, as well as the text boxes that home owners may ordinarily leave blank – highlighting the elements most highly valued by property buyers, including information on property characteristics – such as lot size, electrical, type of heating, and cooling system, year built, tax history, market value, and more.

Our real estate data API provides real-time, accurate data on each property; reducing the inconvenience for home owners and drawing in prospective home buyers with the property features and information they value most. In addition, our platform supports XML and JSON formats running REST conventions.

One downside to auto-fill functionality? Temperamental auto-fill functionality that fills in text boxes with the wrong text can frustrate users and lead to drop-offs. The reliability of your data matters. Our real estate API offers verified, real-time data on 99% of properties of the U.S. population.

Learn More About Our Leading Real Estate API

ATTOM’s property data API can be used to remove the hassle of uploading property information for home owners on your iBuyer platform – enhancing customer experience and reducing bounce rates.

Would you like to experience the benefits of our real estate and property data API for your iBuyer platform? Why not gain access to our developer sandbox and expertize? Arrange an API test drive with our support team here.        

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