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How Demographic and Neighborhood Data Drives Traffic to Vacation Rental Sites

As a vacation rental site owner, how can you ensure your attracting a steady influx of high-quality prospects every month?

From including your platform on local directories to investing in your social media strategy, there are several ways to attract more visitors to your site and convert them once they arrive.

In addition, including rich demographic and neighborhood data on your website is another great way to boost quality web traffic and improve your conversion rates – find out how, below.

Boost Traffic Stats with Demographic and Neighborhood Data

Offering property and demographic data on your vacation rental site is one of the most effective ways to boost web traffic. First and foremost, including neighborhood data on your rental site allows you to rank for a higher number of relevant keywords.

For example, our Points of Interest (POI) data provides detailed information on local landmarks, business, and other key features, all of which can be leveraged to rank for a higher number of long-tail keywords.

For instance, vacationing dog owners may be looking for rental properties close to pet services, such as trusted local dog walkers and dog day-care facilities – allowing them the freedom and flexibility to drop their dogs off with caretakers during their vacation. Long-tail keywords such as “dog-friendly holidays” or “pet care while on vacation,” can help the right leads find your vacation rental site.

Alternatively, your younger holiday rental prospects may be looking for neighborhoods with a dynamic selection of nightclubs, eateries, and other entertainment venues. Including this information on your website enables you to rank for a wider range of keywords related to these interests – boosting your rankings in the search engines.

The same is true of properties, for example, helping you to drive traffic from people searching online for vacation rental properties with a particular number of bedrooms or specific features, such as a swimming pool or patio.

Lower Bounce Rates

From slow loading times (over just 4 seconds) to poor spelling and grammatical mistakes, there are several reasons that site visitors may click elsewhere after visiting your rental website. However, often low bounce rates directly correlate with how relevant your website data is to your visitors and whether or not they can find all the information they need on your website – or whether they have to venture elsewhere to find it.

For example, many prospective vacation renters may be interested in finding out more about the available cultural attractions, entertainment options, transportation, and weather in a particular rental hotspot. Our Points of Interest Data provides data on more than 14 business categories and 120 lines of business – providing your site visitors with detailed insights into the surrounding neighborhood of each rental home. Ensuring you include this information on your platform will help boost your engagement and keep visitors on your page.

As such, enriching your rental website with the right property and neighborhood data will help improve your bounce rates by ensuring you provide all the information your site users are looking for.

Including all the neighborhood and community information your site visitors need will increase your dwell time and your conversions, as site visitors don’t need to go elsewhere to find the information they need on a vacation rental or neighborhood.

Ensure Your Vacation Rental Site Gets Found by the Right Prospects

There are over 207 million pages ranking for the search term “vacation rental property,” in Google. Cutting through the digital noise and ensuring your vacation rental website gets found is near impossible without the right data and a fool-proof SEO strategy. ATTOM property data helps ensure your site gets found by thousands of high-quality leads every month.

Want to learn more about how our property and demographic data can benefit you? Contact our property experts here to discuss your needs.


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