As children are returning to school, many parents are anxious to ensure the schools their children are to attend are the best fit for their academic and social needs.

With the impact of Coronavirus and lockdown, many parents are concerned about the adjustment their children will have to make to online classes. The new virtual delivery of education across the country means that many parents are more worried than ever about how well schools can deliver the right teaching experience to their children.

As a third-party company looking to target parents with comprehensive information on local schools, or a school trying to better position yourself and reassure parents on the capabilities of your school and staff in the current turbulent atmosphere, our school data can help. In this post, we explore how you can use our school data to your marketing advantage when marketing to parents.

Marketing to Parents: Go Beyond Simplified Metrics with Comprehensive School Data

Parents of school-aged children are keen to measure school performance based on a range of metrics in order to find the best schools in their local catchment areas for their children.

Comprehensive school data goes beyond providing information on simplified metrics, such as test scores and school reviews, and allows parents to gain deeper insights based on a number of different metrics on local schools.

Providing diverse and in-depth information on the performance of a local school or schools within the U.S is a great way to build trust with parents, better position your school, or highlight your expertise in the education sector as a third-party company.

ATTOM’s school data provides extensive information on school ratings, test scores, enrollment, class statistics, reviews, grade span, teaching quality, and class size. Our nationwide school data covers historic and current data on both private and public schools (K-12) and offers data on more than 130,000 schools, while also offering information on school districts.

Tap into Better Positioning with School Data

The majority of parents research schools online as a starting point in deciding where to send their child. As a third-party company looking to target parents, the more data you can provide an interested parent, the more likely they are to develop trust in your expertise – helping to build your brand.

As a school looking to better market your institution, school data can give you excellent insights into the most marketable elements of your school – often providing you with new angles for your positioning. Complement school data with considerations on how your website and marketing materials reflect the ethos of your school, your unique facilities, and what your curriculum offers that other schools in the area don’t.

Combining important metrics, such as test scores and class statistics, with social proof – such as reviews – is a great way to appeal to interested parents. Reviews are especially powerful if you’re marketing to millennial parents.

Capture Busy Parents’ Attention with School Data

Moreover, using specific figures on school ratings, test scores, grade span, and other key metrics in your offline and online marketing materials to parents – including landing pages, social media, and email marketing and direct mail outreach, is a great way to capture parents’ attention with concrete data.

From their demanding 9-5 and housework and cooking schedules to spending time with their kids, parents are typically pulled in every direction and have little time to sift through pages and pages of information. Using concise branding messages coupled with concrete figures is an effective way to catch busy parent’s interest and cut through the digital noise.

Marketing to Parents: Gain a Competitive Advantage with School Data

School data can be a great complement to other marketing initiatives for schools, as well as third-party businesses. Thorough school data provides parents with the information they need to make a confident decision about where to send their child.

ATTOM’s school data is one of the most comprehensive on the market and can help you better position your school or business. Curious to find out more about our school data? Contact us here.

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