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From packing up all their belongings to making long cross-country trips to their new home, moving a house can be highly stressful. Research shows that moving to a new home can cause more anxiety than getting divorced. As a moving company, you can help differentiate yourself from your competitors by helping to make the process as easy, stress free, and hassle free as you can. In this post, we show you how property data can help you do just that.

Drive interest by providing accurate, timely quotes to your prospects

When looking to differentiate yourself in the earliest stages of the decision-making process, you can help stand out among your competitors by providing fast, accurate quotes to prospects looking to move homes. Here’s where data analytics can help. You can use data analytics to provide accurate moving quotes based on:

  1. A prospect’s location and the location they are moving to
  2. The size of a property, the type of property, and how many floors it has
  3. Community characteristics, such as traffic patterns and density and population, that impact journey times
  4. Additional costs that may come into play due to the use of additional equipment based on property location and characteristics (such as the floor the property is on and whether your team has access to a lift)

By providing more accurate quotes, you can boost prospects’ confidence in engaging with your services and help ensure customer loyalty by avoiding any surprise additional costs later on in the moving process.

Ace planning logistics

By gaining an in-depth understanding of the properties involved in a move and their local neighborhoods, you can better plan your moves and ensure your team has all the equipment they need to help make every one as seamless and fast as possible.

For example, you can use neighborhood data to uncover local traffic patterns and routes to discover the most fuel-efficient, fast, and simple routes for each journey. In doing so, your team can more easily plan their moves, save costs, and also keep customers informed along the way — boosting your customer satisfaction rates.

Neighborhood & Property Data Solutions for Moving Companies

Neighborhood and property data can provide a great boost to your business. By providing your team, prospects, and customers with real-time data on homes, neighborhoods, route times and costs — you can ensure a more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective home moves.

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