Communities rely on local government bodies to efficiently collect, analyze, and manage data on natural hazards to ensure their comfort and safety. Efficient government data collection, assessment, and management on environmental hazards is crucial for protecting your constituents against a wide range of ever-changing hazards that could have devasting and long-lasting impacts on towns, cities, and villages.

At ATTOM Data Solutions, we define environmental hazards as any substance, event, or item that has the ability to adversely affect human health or their surrounding environment. Environmental hazards can be man-made, such as pollution – or environmental, like hurricanes and landslides.

Adequate risk assessment and risk management requires you to continuously identify new environmental risks, the protectory of those risks as they develop, and whether or not such risks become irrelevant over time.

ATTOM hazard data insights enable you to efficiently and quickly analyze the risks of a natural hazard occurring in your constituencies.  In addition, we also provide a wealth of up-to-date data on the environmental hazards currently posing a risk to your constituents – providing you with accurate data to guide your risk assessment and management strategy. Read on to find out how you can use ATTOM’s hazard data

The Environmental Risk Management Framework: How ATTOM Data Can Enhance Your Existing Assessment Practices

In addition, superior environmental hazard data sources can guide judgements of the significance of various environmental risks and can be used to guide risk strategy implementation. For example, efficient risk assessment of a toxic chemical contamination of a site requires local government agencies to have complete, accurate data on:

  1. The nature and full extent of the chemical-induced contamination.
  2. The toxicity levels of the chemical.
  3. The extent to which inhabitants and the surrounding environment have been exposed to the chemical.

These all important data points powerfully affect government responses, allowing you to decide the steps you need to take next to efficiently deal with the threat and the impact of the environmental hazard.

ATTOM’s environmental hazard data is derived from reliable government data sources that have been compiled by government agencies across the US. This data is updated daily by our expert team: ensuring you have accurate, up-to-date data on the latest developments in local environmental hazard risks to guide your risk management strategy.

Find out more about how ATTOM can meet your unique needs as a government official here.




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