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How Real Estate Portal Owners Can Use ATTOM’s School Data to Determine Future Target Markets

Data is increasingly being used by leading online property platforms  providers to choose the right markets to launch in. From community and demographic data to tax history, real estate portal owners typically turn to a variety of property related data in order to determine viable future target markets.

Despite being one of the key determining factors on where people buy properties, school data is often overlooked when it comes to market analysis. In this post, we demonstrate how our school data can be used to determine potential home sellers and buyers to target.

Find Markets to Target with School Data

Market trend data, providing insights into the kinds of people who are buying and selling in a particular area, can help you determine the best future markets to launch in. Research shows that school data is one of the biggest influencing factors on where people choose to buy their homes, as well as the prices they are willing to pay.

In Los Angeles, residential real estate near the top performing schools is 185% more expensive than property within the catchment area of the poorest-performing schools. Ensuring you have access to the latest market trend data on local schools and school districts can be an undeniable asset in choosing the right markets.

ATTOM’s comprehensive school data provides granular data on more than 130,000 private and public schools. Our school data covers:

  • School ratings and reviews
  • Class statistics
  • Specific programs
  • Enrollment
  • Grade span
  • Teaching staff
  • Test score rating
  • Class size

You can easily stay ahead with the market trends in the educational space with ATTOM’s real estate market trend data and analytics solution. Our real estate clients use our customizable market trend reports to determine and drive their expansion into new markets. Customizable based on your needs, our market trend data on U.S. schools is available at the national, state, MSA, county, city, and zip code level.

Improve Your Reach with School Data

Insights into marketing trends are also key for shaping your marketing materials and outreach. This knowledge can elevate your prospecting and guide your marketing presentation.

For example, thirty-something parents, looking to place their child in the best school in the state, are likely interested in the latest test scores and reputation of local schools. Including key information on the best local schools in your marketing materials and real estate platform and targeting relevant segments in your outreach (such as married with children) can go a long way in drawing in new prospects.

Discover ATTOM’s All-Encompassing School Data

ATTOM’s comprehensive school data can help guide you to the right markets to target and can effectively shape your marketing materials and data delivery on your real estate portal to win more leads for your business.

Interested in receiving a customizable report on market trends of local schools? Find out more about our market reports by contacting us here.


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