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Access to Detailed Property Information and Climate Risk Ratings for Five Climate Change Hazards: Fire, Flood, Heat, Drought and Storm; Climate Change Data Solution for Today, Tomorrow and the Future

IRVINE, Calif. — Nov. 17, 2021 — ATTOM, curator of the nation’s premier property database, today announced it has added a category of data to its ever-expanding ATTOM Table of Data Elements. The addition of ATTOM’s climate change risk data offers a comprehensive, forward-looking risk assessment for every property nationwide.

NEW Enhanced ATTOM Table of Data Elements

“Our mission at ATTOM is to increase real estate transparency and fuel innovation. We continue to expand our data footprint to help our customers solve the additional challenges this housing market presents,” said Todd Teta, chief product and technology officer at ATTOM. “With the addition of this new data product clients will be able to better mitigate risk, streamline decision making and gain deeper intelligence on the housing market.”

ATTOM’s climate change risk solution includes ratings at the property level for five climate change hazards – wildfire, flood, heat, storm and drought. Each property is assessed with a 0-100 rating for each climate change risk listed above, and all ratings are compared to all properties nationwide. This risk assessment rating helps to determine a property’s current and future risk of climate-change-related hazards, with projections going as far out as 2050 — a period within the lifespan of a 30-year mortgage signed today.

“Understanding current and future climate change risk has become a very important data point for many of our customers in real estate, mortgage and insurance industries,” says Sean Mooney, vice president of product at ATTOM. “So, it makes perfect sense for us to offer it as a new solution tied into our robust property database.”

Customers can use ATTOM’s climate change risk solution to evaluate properties for investment decisions, assess risk for new product development, or to enrich a real estate portal with unique content.

Additional use cases include:

  • Determine a property’s projected climate risk when insuring a home
  • Identify risk exposure for reinsurance decisions
  • Screen individual assets to avoid high risk assets
  • Understand how climate change increases operating expenses

ATTOM’s climate change risk data will be updated quarterly and is available today for delivery via bulk files, with integration to ATTOM Cloud and API coming soon.

ATTOM is your one-stop shop for nationwide premium property data with flexible delivery solutions. Our commitment to continuing to power innovation across various industries has earned top honors and accolades, including being named among MReport’s Top 30 Companies to work for in 2020, T3 Sixty’s Tech500 in 2020, and HousingWire’s Tech100 for 2021. Our most recent corporate acquisitions, furthering expanding our data footprint, have not only demonstrated our focus on investing in data elements, but also our focus on investing in people elements, with the integration of numerous talented teams.


ATTOM provides premium property data to power products that improve transparency, innovation, efficiency and disruption in a data-driven economy. ATTOM multi-sources property tax, deed, mortgage, foreclosure, environmental risk, natural hazard, and neighborhood data for more than 155 million U.S. residential and commercial properties covering 99 percent of the nation’s population. A rigorous data management process involving more than 20 steps validates, standardizes, and enhances the real estate data collected by ATTOM, assigning each property record with a persistent, unique ID — the ATTOM ID. The 30TB ATTOM Data Warehouse fuels innovation in many industries including mortgage, real estate, insurance, marketing, government and more through flexible data delivery solutions that include bulk file licenses, property data APIs, real estate market trends, property reports and more. Also, introducing our newest innovative solution, that offers immediate access and streamlines data management – ATTOM Cloud.

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