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“ATTOM’s property data has helped us position ourselves as a thought leader in the real estate space.” – Stefan Peterson, Co-Founder and COO of Zavvie

In today’s real estate industry, sellers have more options beyond just listing their home on the open market when it’s time to make a move. For instance, they could accept an offer from one of the many iBuyers in their area or they could get a “buy before you sell” bridge offer and use it to buy something new before they even think about listing their home for sale.

Zavvie is a platform that is aimed at empowering agents to help their sellers sort through all of those options to find the one that ultimately works best for them. Positioned as the first end-to-end brokerage platform for selling solutions, it has been on the market since 2019.

“Using the Zavvie platform, an agent in one of our partner brokerages can easily explain all the different selling options to their clients,” explains Peterson. “Then, if the client is interested in one of those options, our platform facilitates requesting an offer for them.”

However, before a seller can accept an offer from one of the verified buyers on Zavvie’s platform, the process starts by having them look at a variety of AVM estimates from all the interested buyers in their area. That’s where ATTOM Data Solutions property data comes into the picture.

According to Peterson, before ATTOM, gathering the data for their estimates used to be a huge, labor intensive challenge. A team at Zavvie was tasked with pouring through property records to find the transactions made by each type of buyer supported by the platform. They would then track the list and sale price data for each of those transactions and that information would be used to inform the estimates it provides to sellers.

These days, ATTOM provides the data that fuels Zavvie’s AVM estimates and Peterson wouldn’t have it any other way.

“ATTOM has the best data products when it comes to the verified buyers we work with on our platform,” he concedes. “We had a few meetings with competitors, but it was clear that ATTOM was the best solution.”

In addition, the team at Zavvie also currently uses ATTOM’s property data in it’s marketing campaigns. The company publishes quarterly reports about what’s going on in the “seller solutions” space, which helps to keep Zavvie’s current clients informed, while also generating new business.

Still, the relationship between these two companies is really just beginning. Peterson admits that his research team still provides some of the data that Zavvie uses and that their work is ultimately fairly localized.

In the future, he envisions that ATTOM will supply all the data Zavvie utilizes, which will give them the capability to give sellers more robust offer estimates and to include cost of selling information on a national scale.

“Right now, the data we’re leveraging from ATTOM is mostly focused on retail iBuyers,” he says.  “The new data package we’re working on will give us complete information about all of the verified buyer transactions nationwide. It’s going to provide far more information than we could ever hope to gather as a team and it’s going to prove very valuable.”

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