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With Alexa (Amazon Echo) more abundant than ever in households and even businesses across the nation, it’s becoming more apparent that Alexa may start powering the housing industry.

As we see AI and machine learning continue its increasing role in the housing industry, it’s no wonder that real estate agents need to stay one step ahead of the game by fueling their website with detailed property data.  With ATTOM Data’s turnkey solution Nav 2.0, you hold the steering wheel and can go beyond the basic property characteristics and capture the entire landscape. Be able to generate quality leads and keep your clientele engaged with local content and comprehensive reports that make you the local real estate market expert.

Curious to understand how it works?

Well, it’s quite simple. ATTOM Data does the heavy lifting; you just implement the navigation bar directly into your website. Nav 2.0 was designed with the end consumer in mind and offers a user friendly and interactive experience. With the installation of Nav 2.0 potential home buyers can learn about demographics, schools, points of interest and sale trends all in one place. This captures the home buyer’s attention and then engages with them to learn more about a property. By entering their contact information, the consumer can get a detailed property report as well a bi-weekly email update about the property, which is essential to nurturing the lead. This keeps you, the real estate agent at the top of the home buyers mind and by looking like the local market expert. That means when the home buyer is ready to purchase a home, you will be the one who closes the deal.

If that wasn’t enticing enough, the implementation process comes with little to no development effort on your end. We provide the instructions and you implement the product. We cover the entire nation, with ongoing updates of the data, so you will always have the most up-to-date information. Each detailed property report and automatic drip email campaign is designed around your brand. The color scheme and branding of the reports can be easily customized for any real estate agent of brokerage.

Click here to get more information on how to implement Nav 2.0 directly into your website.

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