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Append ATTOM’s data elements to your existing file to create a powerful, enhanced dataset to fuel your business.

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ATTOM Property Data Coverage

  • 155,000,000+ total parcels
  • 3,142 U.S. counties
  • 99% U.S. population
  • 13.9 billion total data records

Enhance Existing Data

Need to supplement your data with new, unique datasets? ATTOM can match your file against our vast property and neighborhood databases and append valuable data. Let our team of data experts work to fill your data gaps and create a more complete dataset to power your business.

Exclusive ATTOM ID

The innovative ATTOM ID ensures data consistency by acting as a single, unique identifier – regardless of the data’s source – that links disparate data elements together, enabling ATTOM to deliver data in one easily ingestible file.

Property Data Superset

Over 400 individual sources contribute to ATTOM providing multiple, complementary views of each property. ATTOM combines these disparate datasets together to create and deliver the most complete and refined property data super set available.

Data Leaders

Data quality and the client experience are not things we take lightly. We choose to collect, ingest and manage data the right way, not the least expensive way, to ensure our clients have the most optimal data solutions. We choose to be the best.