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Build Stronger Real Estate Portfolios

Real estate investors used to rely on Excel spreadsheets, number crunching, and traditional listing data to make cautious property investment decisions. Now, ATTOM can do much of the number crunching work for them. Plus, our customized, data-rich reports show real estate patterns and trends, going far beyond the capabilities of Excel spreadsheets.

With ATTOM, investors can:

  • Pinpoint demographic areas prime for growth.
  • See project expenses versus projected income for the duration of a real estate investment.
  • Minimize their risk exposure.
  • Use predictive modeling on projected property appreciation, development costs, capital outlay, and marketing expenses.

ATTOM’s expansive yet targeted data, combined with predictive analytic tools, facilitate bold and confident business decisions.

ATTOM’s Advantage for Real Estate Investors

ATTOM gives investors the effective tools they need to succeed in a competitive real estate market. From unique property reports to in-depth analytic tools, ATTOM is the market leader in real estate solutions.

Property Reports

Property Reports

ATTOM’s property reports incorporate data not easily available elsewhere to more accurately determine real estate value. For example, flood zones, school districts, construction details, improvements, taxes and assessment, sales history, and more. Data can be filtered, compared, and viewed in a way that adds clarity to business and investment decisions.

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Marketing Lists

ATTOM’s marketing lists do the legwork for investors. The data shows recent deed transfers, free and clear properties, pre-probate properties, absentee homeowners, vacant properties, pre-foreclosure, and bank-owned (REO) properties so that investors can identify leads ahead of competitors.

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Real Estate Market Trends

Real Estate Market Trends

Investors need robust data to make informed decisions. ATTOM’s real estate market trends data are sourced from the nation’s largest real estate property database. ATTOM applies customized analytics to identify the real estate market trends that will shape the future of property markets.

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Investor Researching Data on Computer

ATTOM Supports Real Estate Investors

  • Rapid investment decisions supported by comprehensive, targeted data.
  • Less time spent on investment research
  • Smaller risk with robust portfolio growth
  • Accurate analytics and predictive reporting
  • All the data needed for dynamic business decisions from one trusted property data provider

See How ATTOM Can Make a Difference for Your Business!