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Build Your Portfolio with Property Data

Technology and data are the real estate investor’s best friend. Data reveals whether a market is ripe for investing or should be avoided based on trends. Data can tell you about your competitors—where they are seeing profits, or where a market may be over-saturated. Foreclosure reports indicate market change. For example, an increase in foreclosure filings may indicate economic difficulties and investment opportunities. Ultimately, data is integral to marketing efforts.

ATTOM List builds curated portfolios from the most comprehensive and robust property data in the industry.

The Best Investments are Based on the Best Data

ATTOM List has a data footprint of more than 155 million
properties covering 99% of the U.S. population. Drill down on specific factors such as absentee homeowners, cash buyers, vacant pre-foreclosure, and bank owned (REO) properties to quickly zero in on leads. Build a marketing list based on up-to-date property and neighborhood datasets for fast analysis, better decisions, and rapid ROI.

Create a marketing list using ATTOM’s seamless platform. Broaden your reach with ATTOM and gain the confidence to assess and explore alternative investment opportunities. Target motivated property owners by locating distressed and defaulted properties. Search open mortgages, specific lenders, or loan types. Capture all possible leads and stay one step ahead of the market.

What ATTOM Marketing List Offers Real Estate Investors

Marketing is optimized by the right data. Focus your research with ATTOM List.

Identify recent deed transfers

Uncover free and clear properties

Locate pre-probate properties

Discover absentee homeowners
(in state and out of state)

Find vacant, pre-foreclosure, and bank-owned (REO) properties

Identify equity-rich properties

Find cash buyers

Determine homeownership tenure

Don’t make blind decisions when it comes to real estate. Be informed and be confident.

Don’t make blind decisions when it comes to real estate. Be informed and be confident.

Accurate, Targeted Data Yields Lower Risk Investment

ATTOM has the flexibility to work with all types of investors, whatever their needs. Our products and solutions are versatile enough to suit the risk profiles of everyone from mom-and-pop investors to large organizations. Whoever the client, the quality of our data is the same—comprehensive, accurate, and unique. Build an edge to your strategy with ATTOM marketing lists.

How Can Real Estate Investors Use ATTOM?

Insurance Companies

Assess risk

Use curated ATTOM data to analyze the market and identify trends 

Insurance Companies

Make better decisions

The more informed you are from data, the more strategic you can be


Beat the competition

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest data covering 99% of the nation’s population

See How ATTOM List Can Make a Difference for You!

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