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Less risk requires better prospects.

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Sharpen Your Strategy with ATTOM List

Insurers are increasingly using data and predictive analytics to identify trends and forecast future events. ATTOM List is powering the insurance industry with comprehensive and unique property data. Here’s why you need ATTOM to boost your marketing campaigns. 

Optimal Targeting Requires the Best Data

Build targeted marketing lists for insurance companies from ATTOM List’s data footprint of more than 155 million properties covering 99% of the U.S. population. Drill down on specific factors. Find motivated property owners in need of insurance services and build powerful insurance mailing lists. Track recent property purchases, and high-value transactions. Spot trends in the markets where you want to do business.

Stop wasting time on inefficient research methods and leverage ATTOM data instead.

What ATTOM List Can Mean for Insurance Companies’ Marketing Efforts

ATTOM will add precision to your campaigns by providing relevant, up-to-date data. Using ATTOM, you can quickly zero in on your target markets:

Find motivated property owners

Find the most recent property loans

Uncover the most up-to-date recent property transactions

Target homeowners in affluent areas

Don’t make blind decisions when it comes to real estate. Be informed and be confident.

How Can Insurers Benefit from ATTOM Marketing List?

Insurance Companies

Sharpen your strategy

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest data covering 99% of the nation’s population

OSHA Compliance

Find the best leads first

Use targeted data to find the customers you can serve best with the least risk


Assess risk

Use curated ATTOM data to identify current and future trends and to make better decisions

What Will You Build With ATTOM?

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