Pre-Mover and New Homeowner Data

Be the first to reach homeowners before they move.
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Target the best prospects and beat the competition with Mover Leads from ATTOM.

ATTOM’s Mover Leads will get your business in front of pre-movers and new homeowners before your competition.

Pre-Mover Leads

Identify and target homeowners before they move. Zero in on key prospects quickly and efficiently and be the first to market to them.

New Homeowner Lead

Reach new homeowners just as they move in and are making home service and repair buying decisions.

The ATTOM Mover Data Advantage

Unlike MLS listings and/or modeled data, ATTOM’s Mover Leads are based on transactional data generated by consumers actively engaged in the loan application process. Over the past 3 years nearly 70% of all Pre-Mover Leads have resulted in a property sale within 30 days of the estimated settlement data.

Increase Your ROI

Get a better return on your investment by reaching the most likely prospects through highly targeted marketing that allows you to connect early and beat the competition.

“Two-for-One” leads allow you to immediately target home sellers with a ready to spend mentality. After the settlement date, target new homeowners who need home goods and services.

Why ATTOM Data?

At the core of every data solution is ATTOM – a powerful, multi-sourced data warehouse that contains enhanced, premium property data for more than 150 million U.S. properties. ATTOM Data Solutions utilizes this singular, unified source to fuel its products and analytics, while maintaining proactive processes to manage the quality of the data from its collection to its delivery.

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Our Data is Your Business Advantage


A multi-sourced, enhanced national property data warehouse that contains information on more than 150 million U.S. properties including:

  • 13.9 Billion Rows of Data
  • 6,300 Data Fields
  • 230 Data Tables
  • 99% Population Coverage


ATTOM’s modularity allows clients to pick and choose only the data most important for their business, delivered in a variety of ways including:


Active data management processes add significant value that transforms commodity data into premium data featuring:

  • Enhanced Property Data
  • Seamless Integration
  • Best-in-Class Support
  • Fast Delivery