Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosure Data

Default. Auction. Foreclosure.


The Most Thorough Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosure Data in the Industry

Since 2006, ATTOM Data Solutions has been the industry leader in collecting data on all stages of the foreclosure process. From pre-foreclosure notices – Notice of Default (NODs) and Lis Pendens (LIS) – to both types of public foreclosure auctions – Notice of Trustee’s Sale (NTS) and Notice of Foreclosure Sale (NFS) – and bank real estate owned completed foreclosures (REOs). ATTOM’s collection of foreclosure data is second to none in both judicial and non-judicial jurisdictions.

Delivering Complete Property Records for Your Business

With our team of local data collectors, ATTOM provides your business with complete and up-to-date nationwide pre-foreclosure and foreclosure records — the largest footprint available from any data provider.


Those property records include:

Foreclosure Type


Address and Geo-location


Recording Date or Publication Date


Auction Date


What the records will not include: Third party or arms-length deeds and involuntary liens such as HOA or COA liens, substitution of trustee (except in NC), mechanics liens, tax liens and timeshare liens.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Foreclosure Data?


Government agencies use foreclosure data to see trends and assess macro market risk of foreclosures in an area.

Real Estate Portals

Real estate portals can use our foreclosure data to display the most recent foreclosure properties as a way to increase user engagement and drive more leads to their agents.


Properties currently or previously in foreclosure pose a risk for insurance companies because foreclosure properties often incur damage during the foreclosure process.

Mortgage Origination

Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure data arms mortgage originators with information to supplement credit data and more accurately assess risk when underwriting loans.

Direct Marketing

Investors, real estate agents, attorneys and credit repair companies are always looking for direct marketing lists of pre-foreclosures for their businesses.

Loan Servicing & Securitization

Loan servicers utilize public record pre-foreclosure data and foreclosure data to monitor the portfolios of loans they are servicing while companies buying mortgage-backed securities utilize the data to assess the quality and performance of loan pools available to purchase.

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