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For appraisers, having access to the right real estate data is key for more accurate property valuations and reports. Whether sifting through building permit data from the local government to applying for access to MLS data — there’s a wealth of property data out there, but manually sourcing it is typically time-consuming and complex.

At ATTOM, we bring together and clean up public and private real estate data to eradicate any inconsistencies. You can use our range of in-depth data to quickly and easily pinpoint trends in capital flows, pricing, and asset acquisitions. In this post, we show you how.

Access a Range of Real Estate Data to Support your Appraisals

For accurate appraisals, you need a wealth of accurate real estate data. With ATTOM’s data solutions for appraisers, you can overcome some of the limitations of manual data sourcing — such as relying on traditional listings that may not give you access to the sales data you need. You gain access to a wide range of data to help support your valuations. You can use our property data to chart relevant sales comparables based on millions of data points on the local market.

To help support appraisal companies, ATTOM provides nationwide access to our comprehensive property reports via ATTOM Cloud or if you are a local appraiser needing specific counties or states, ATTOM also offers property reports via GeoData Plus, our subsidiary company.

Generate New Leads with Real Estate and Neighborhood Data

You can use our data on real estate trends to better target prospects — including investors, brokers, lenders, and developers.

Direct outreach is key for building your business. You can use ATTOM’s marketing lists to better target different prospects. You can customize these lists based on prospects’ location, certain demographic factors, or professions.

Drive Interest with Real Estate Insights

In addition, you can use our wealth of real estate data to educate prospects on local real estate trends and the appraisal process with content. Use this data to build your authority and provide educational, high-value content that’s optimized to drive local traffic to your website.

How do you decide which content to go with? Consider what your audience is most interested in, reflect on the questions you most frequently get asked, and look to the latest trends and research to create data-rich posts. In particular, you can use our real estate trend reports to help inspire and inform your own content.

Real Estate Data Solutions for Appraisers

You can use our comprehensive real estate data to help support your property valuations and drive new interest in your business. Providing extensive insights into the property market, many appraisers come to ATTOM to get the data they need.

Uncover data including sales and ownership data, tax data, listing and foreclosures, zoning and more to help power your valuations and marketing.

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