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From highlighting the most promising rental markets to unearthing distressed properties, real estate data can be helpful for spotting trends in the market and building your portfolio as a real estate investor.

As one of the most comprehensive offerings on the market, ATTOM’s property reports from can be a key source of up-to-date real estate data for real estate investors  — who utilize our reports to help discover, analyze, and compare properties across the U.S.

From investment groups to brokerages, several real estate professionals utilize our property reports for their real estate research at a regional and national level. In this post, we explore our property reports and how they are used by investors in more detail.

Use ATTOM’s Property Reports to Help Power your Real Estate Research

Investors come to ATTOM to access a wealth of real estate data. Go beyond spreadsheets with ATTOM’s property reports. Our property reports can be used to help spot real estate trends and patterns. From school districts to property values, each report providing detailed information on local properties and their neighborhoods.

With ATTOM, you can undertake comprehensive property and neighborhood research. You can zero in on construction details, lot size, taxes and assessment, renovations and property works, distressed properties, sales history, mortgage data, school zones, classification, occupancy, flood zones, and more.

In addition, you can also refine your results based on multi-regional or national property research or zero in on county-level or state-specific property data.

Streamline your Property Research

ATTOM is a leading provider of comprehensive property and neighborhood data. We provide property data, boundary data, ownership data, transaction data, listings data, foreclosure data, and neighborhood data for over 155 million U.S. parcels. With a dedication to quality, our data is validating, standardized, and enhanced via a 20-step data management process.

Our leading property reports streamline this data — allowing you to customize it to suit your needs. With our property search feature, you can both go granular or get a snapshot view of properties in a target location.

You can refine your property search based on five key filters:

  1. Property search: discover basic property information — including a property address, ownership data, classification, legal and property attributes, and classification
  2. Sales search: uncover sales information — such as property price, sales date range, and property classification
  3. Distressed search — discover pre-foreclosures, auctions, and bank-owned properties across the U.S.
  4. Map search: focus on location attributes, recent sales, and the year properties were built
  5. Mortgage search: from loan type to lender, dive into mortgage information for properties in a target geographical area

In addition, you can also compare properties based on location (whether radius, zip code, or county lines), date and property prices, and attributes such as the number of bedrooms or the year a property was built.

ATTOM’s Property Reports for Property Investors

Many real estate investors look to ATTOM for the latest in real estate trends and to help support their real estate research. ATTOM offers one of the most comprehensive sources of real estate data on the market. Our property reports are a great way to help streamline this exhaustive data — helping you to refine your property research.

Whether you’re looking to uncover market trends or to identify distressed properties in a particular neighborhood, custom property reports can help support your goals.

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