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Be the property expert by utilizing ATTOM’s Neighborhood Data directly through your website to enhance your listings. This will help your Real Estate Agents stand apart from the competition and draw prospective home buyers directly to you.

An MLS listing gives you only a tiny slice of data about a property. You’ll see a picture, the number of bedrooms/baths, square footage, and possibly a few other characteristics. Definitely not enough information to make an informed buying decision.

Engage, capture and nurture your leads with ATTOM’s exclusive turnkey solution that can be instantly implemented into your website and allow potential homebuyers access to detailed neighborhood data.

What Kind of Data Can You Add to Your MLS Listing?

Neighborhood data covers the entire U.S. with over 502 metros, 328,356 residential subdivisions and 40, 878 neighborhood boundaries. No matter where your home buyer is looking, you can provide the demographics of an area.

School Data

Finding good schools is always a high priority for home buyers with children. Adding School Data with more than 130,000 private and public schools for K-12 grade means your clients will know which neighborhoods to consider. Data fields like school rating, class statistics, enrollment, test score rating, and class size help your clients find a good school for their children.

Sales Trends

Knowing what’s going on in the real estate market is key for Real Estate Agents and home buyers. Sales Trend data reveals real estate and market trends for the last two years of home sales transactions. For a detailed home sales data analysis, click here.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest data provide your Real Estate Agents and home buyers insight into local amenities in the surrounding community. They will discover places such as restaurants, bus stations, banks, churches, parks and more. Again, providing the home buyers a robust picture of the community.

Property Characteristics

Property Characteristics data covering more than 155 million properties nationwide has fields like, fire resistance, lot width and depth, sewer, square footage, porch or balcony, construction material, and more.

Stand Out by Being Helpful

By implementing ATTOM’s comprehensive neighborhood data directly to you website you become the ultimate go-to source. It keeps potential home buyers on your site longer allowing you more opportunity to close the deal. Integrate School Data, Sales Trends, Points of Interest and Property Characteristics into your current listings today.

Make sure to check out ATTOM’s latest Neighborhood Index Report, which uses neighborhood boundary data to rank more than 10,000 neighborhood housing markets nationwide based on six factors impacting the hyperlocal housing market.

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