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ATTOM offers a wide range of data sets, but one of our most powerful? That’d be the County Tax Assessor Data, which can be used to fuel smart, profitable decisions in countless industries across the country.

The County Tax Assessor Dataset covers over 155 million properties nationwide and includes things like ownership records, taxes, market values, property characteristics, and much, much more. You can even use it to learn about a home’s features (like whether there’s a pool, for example).

Here’s just a small portion of how this dataset is used in real-world scenarios:

Real estate and mortgage

Virtually any business in the real estate sector can benefit from robust property data. It’s particularly helpful for those performing appraisals and valuations, home service providers, mortgage lenders, real estate brokerages, listing platforms, and more.

The data can be used to:

  • Automate processes and customer onboarding
  • Evaluate properties and estimate values
  • Assess property risk
  • Speed up underwriting
  • Improve application processes
  • Provide property-based pricing and quotes
  • Inform better-targeted marketing efforts and outreach

The dataset is currently in use by dozens of companies in the real estate sector, including a leading real estate investment platform. As the client recently explained, “ATTOM allows us to supply accurate rental estimates based on where the property is located and its characteristics. We also use ATTOM’s property data to unearth property comps to deduce similar properties’ values. This real-time data fuels our rental price estimate plugin to generate new leads for property investors and property management companies who use our site.”


Detailed property data is incredibly useful in the insurance sector, too. Countless data points can help insurers more accurately quote and qualify properties, including bedroom/bathroom counts, the construction materials used, various home features, the age of the home, and more.

One insurance company uses the data to help speed up and simplify its sign-up process. As the client explains, “Being a market competitor, one of our key priorities is ensuring that we can deliver our customers accurate quotes as quickly as possible. ATTOM’s reliable, high-quality real estate data allows users to fill in forms quickly so that we can provide them with an almost instant, accurate quote.”


Our property data allows for detailed segmentation and targeting of marketing campaigns. Users can create unique campaigns based on occupancy status, length of ownership, property taxes, and year built, and see more success (and profits) as a result.

Property data also enables more personalization in that market — just ask our clients.

Here’s what one mortgage lender recently told us: “As a mortgage lender, we use educational content to inform our prospects on the mortgage lending options available to them and the many benefits of owning a property. In order to successfully do this, we are always looking for ways to improve our targeting of specific marketing segments and converting them more effectively through personalization. In order to personalize content, we employ ATTOM’s robust property data.”

Other industries

There are plenty of other uses for tax assessor property data, too. Private investigators utilize it in skip tracing, and moving and relocation companies can use it to better quote prices and timelines. Many ecommerce companies have seen success with the data as well, leveraging it to improve efficiency and resource allocation (particularly during the pandemic).

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are far-reaching uses for tax assessor data and the insights it enables. To learn more about ATTOM’s County Tax Assessor dataset or any of our other property data options, get in touch today.

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