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Data-as-a-Service: Enhance Your Real Estate Market Analysis as a Residential Real Estate Investor with ATTOM’s DaaS

Finding a lucrative residential real estate investment opportunity can prove challenging if you’re a residential real estate investor. Regularly undertaking real estate market analysis to develop insights into the latest market conditions and current risk and opportunity is key to a residential real estate investor’s success.

But many investors struggle to easily acquire comprehensive, up-to-date property data to guide their analysis – meaning they may miss many promising investment opportunities.

ATTOM Data Solutions real estate sales history data, delivered via our Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, allows you to hone data-driven investment insights and decisions. With ATTOM, you can take the hard-graft out of your market research and the uncertainty out of your investment decisions.

Analyzing different investment metrics and comparing them to the wider market is now easier and more reliable than ever. In this post, we show you how you can use up-to-the-minute real estate sales history data to assess the real estate market and find the best investments for your portfolio.

Simplify Your Real Estate Market Analysis with DaaS           

Our real estate sales history data, a subset of the recorder data, provides information on all of the transactions recorded in national property records, including: deeds, mortgages, and liens. This data offers insights into more than 155 million U.S. properties and over 3,140 counties.

As an investor, you can use this data to inform your understanding of real estate trends and to guide your investment purchase. ATTOM’s sales history data can be used to quickly and easily find properties that meet your investment criteria, such as properties that match a certain price point or command impressive rental yields, and offer the best buy-to-rent mortgage rates. 

In addition, our sales deed history data can be delivered by national, state, zip, ad-hoc, and specific parcels – allowing you to analyze promising trends in granular geographical locations as well as boarder property markets and identify high-value parcels in your investment analysis.

Can Sales History Data Turn You into the First Mover Every Time?

As a real estate investor, time is everything: being the first to spot and move in on a promising investment opportunity is key to maximizing your returns.

For example, property sales records can help you intuit when a sale is likely to take place and access contact information of property owners, so you can contact them before other investors have the opportunity to do so.

Our secure and cost-effective Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform is a great option for busy residential real estate investors, looking for secure access to real-time property sales history data with nightly updates.

In addition, as a cloud-based technology that connects our clients to a private hub of real estate data, ATTOM’s DaaS platform frees investors from the hassle of regularly loading, managing, and integrating data sets for market and investment opportunity analysis.

Sharpen Your Real Estate Market Analysis with ATTOM

As an investor, gaining fast, easy access to the sales history data of 155 million properties across the U.S. is one of the best ways to guarantee a timely and accurate analysis of the real estate market.

Accurate, real-time data allows you to gain key insights into future selling and buying patterns – allowing you to make your move and approach property owners before the competition does.

Curious to learn more about how our real estate sales history and DaaS platform can enhance your real estate market analysis as a residential real estate investor? Request a free quote from us here.

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