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The Art of Foreclosure Real Estate Listings: 4 Tips for Real Estate Listing Platforms Looking to Boost Engagement and Skyrocket Traffic

Some of the biggest real estate listing platforms, such as the leading resource for foreclosure properties, RealtyTrac and residential property leader Zillow and the commercial real estate-focused LoopNet, feature in-demand pre-foreclosure and foreclosure properties on their platforms.

As a niche market, including foreclosure listings on your property listing platform can help differentiate you from the sea of alternative market providers. Well-presented foreclosure listings can substantially boost traffic to your site and fuel engagement with your platform.

Foreclosures, or bank-owned properties, refer to properties tied to owners who have fallen behind on mortgage payments and have subsequently been recovered by the lender. In addition, pre-foreclosures are defined as properties that have not yet fallen into foreclosure, but show potential warning signs of doing so – such as missed mortgage payments.

Foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, and bank-owned properties can offer house hunters and property investors savings of up to 60% market value. As such, foreclosures are enticing for many looking to maximize their savings on a property purchase.

How can you make you foreclosure listings stand out, ensuring you become a go-to resource for potential buyers? In this post, we show you how to effectively promote foreclosures on your listing platform.

Become a Go-To Resource for Advice on Foreclosure Purchases







Screenshot from RealtyTrac, a leading provider of foreclosure listings.

Many of your platform users may be unfamiliar with the intricacies of foreclosure purchases. For example, they may be unaware that the majority of foreclosures require substantial renovations. As such, offering advice on budgeting for renovations can be a big help to your users.

Creating , blog posts, and on the ins-and-outs of the foreclosure process and the demands and risks of buying foreclosures can help increase engagement and build your reputation as an expert resource on the foreclosure market.

Ensure Your One Step Ahead of the Competition with the most Comprehensive Data

ATTOM Data Solutions is the leading Provider of Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosure Data. As many of the top listing platforms will include foreclosure listings on their database, you can ensure you’re a step ahead by ensuring you have access to the most comprehensive data set on pre-foreclosures and foreclosures on the market.

As one of the leading providers of property data, ATTOM can be used to access accurate and comprehensive data on U.S. foreclosures and pre-foreclosures.

Our foreclosure and pre-foreclosure property records include: foreclosure type, auction date, the address and geo-location of each property, and the recording and publication date.

Make Your Foreclosure Listings Pop

Including a number of high-quality photos of your foreclosure properties can help platform users visualize their future purchase. Ensure your listings include interior and exterior photos, and key property features – such as bay windows or a statement fireplace. Satellite images and terrain maps also improve user engagement, allowing users to view properties in more detail.

In addition, make your listings as helpful as possible by including details of the foreclosure history, including when the NOD was filed and details of the lender. Don’t forget the practicalities, such as foreclosure auction dates and auction house addresses.

Go Niche: Include Land and Commercial Foreclosures

Depending on your target audience, you may like to include commercial and land foreclosures on your listing platform. Distressed commercial properties, such as retail stores and offices, are big draws for investors and can substantially increase traffic to your site.

Claim Your Crown as a Market Leader on Foreclosure Listings

Many of the leading real estate portals use ATTOM’s foreclosure data to drive traffic and build up an enviable reputation in a desirable niche market. As foreclosures offer such attractive bargains for buyers, they are an excellent market to showcase on your listing platform.

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