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As a home insurance professional, the success of your business relies on your ability to find targeted leads in need of your services. In addition, the more information you have on a lead, on their property characteristics, sales history, and demographic information, the more effectively you can tailor your messages in your direct marketing campaign. In this post, we show you how you can utilize MLS solutions to build highly-targeted marketing lists.

MLS : A Marketing Advantage for Home Insurance Professionals

As one of the most comprehensive sources of information on homeowners and properties in the U.S., the multiple listing service (the MLS) has long been used by real estate professionals – with its usage dating back nearly 100 years. Real estate brokers and agents upload information on thousands of properties across the U.S. to the MLS every month.

You can use the MLS to find out which prospects will be most receptive to direct marketing materials and use this information to create marketing lists of targeted prospects. For example, using MLS analytics, you can uncover new home owners looking for home insurance coverage.

This data can then be used to segment your marketing lists, targeting smaller groups of homeowners and properties – such as owners of high-risk properties or those living in a certain location, and tailor your marketing materials to address the pain-points and interests of each segment.

What’s the Catch?

Since real estate listing data is constantly changing, ATTOM makes sure to update frequently to deliver the timeliest data available. With Nationwide coverage ATTOM’s MLS solutions are standardized in a common format, allowing for easy integration and analysis.

Our MLS solution retrieves insight on almost 90 million real estate listings with over 45 million MLS sales, with an average sales history of 11 years. In addition, our data experts ensure our clients have the most up-to-date information.

Transforming MLS Analytics into New Business

As a home insurer, you can also use MLS analytics to filter direct marketing prospects by searching homeowner records based on key characteristics, such as property value, equity, and relevant property characteristics (such as whether the property has a pool).

ATTOM MLS Solutions: Easy Access for All Your Insurance Marketing Needs

Targeted marketing lists are the basis of all effective home insurance marketing campaigns. MLS solutions can be a powerful tool in helping you to uncover, segment, and target high-quality prospects.

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