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The utilities sector is more competitive than ever, from emerging technologies and energy sources to new disruptors entering the market at record speed. To win and keep customers, more and more companies are diversifying their business and customer acquisition strategies. To help identify market trends and prospective customers, more and more companies in the industry are turning to real estate data.

In this post, we show you how you can use ATTOM’s real estate data to help support business growth, simplify and enhance your customer experience, and identify prospects and trends as a utilities service provider. Let’s jump in.

How to Identify New Prospects with ATTOM’s Home Ownership Data

You can use ATTOM’s wealth of property data to identify new prospects and anticipate their service needs more easily. ATTOM provides up-to-date data on property ownership. You can get all the insights you need into property ownership names — from companies to couples. Validate ownership and get access to property owner details, including current occupancy and their tax mailing address.

You can use this data to uncover new owners or occupants and to market your services. Many of our utilities customers use our extensive database to help support their direct mail campaigns that advertise their services in their target area.

Get a Deeper Look into Prospective Prospect Needs

As well as using real estate data to help identify property ownership and the prospective needs of property owners and occupants in your target area, you can also use real estate data to help uncover market trends. For example, you can use ATTOM’s data on property characteristics to uncover details on a home’s electrical system or the type of heating and cooling system in place.

You can also use this data to help identify property owners that may benefit from potential upgrades. With this information, you can more effectively segment and personalize your direct mail outreach.

Use Property Data to Help Engage your Current Customers

While many of your competitors may try to win over customers with flashy, elaborate marketing campaigns and brand experiences, research shows that 62% of consumers will happily pay more for a simple experience. More and more utilities customers are looking for a simplified, stress-free digital experience from their providers.

You can integrate our property owner datasets with electronic billing, forms, and alerts and notifications. You can provide digital direct access to all the important information and documentation your customers need. Help streamline and simplify your customer experience with centralized, 24/7 digital access to everything your customers need.

In addition, you can also use our property data to help educate and more deeply engage your customers. You can also use property and boundary data to provide insights into energy usage and the services you offer. You can use data to help educate customers on their energy and power usage and neighborhood utility trends via a digital dashboard — giving your customers a greater sense of control.

Get ATTOM’s Comprehensive Property Data for Utility Companies

ATTOM’s property data warehouse provides a wealth of information on more than 155 million properties nationwide. Our multi-sourced national 30TB warehouse provides 9,000 data fields and over 70 billion rows of data. Our real estate data covers 99% of the U.S. population — making it one of the most comprehensive real estate data offerings currently on the market. To help ensure quality, our data is validated, standardized, and enhanced with over 20 steps with our meticulous Enterprise Data Management Program (EDMP).

In addition, we also provide a wide variety of flexible delivery solutions to suit your business needs. Get our extensive real estate data delivered in the right format for your business — choose from bulk data licensing, ATTOM Cloud, marketing lists, ATTOM’s real estate data APIs, property reports, and match and append solutions.

Real Estate Data — A Competitive Advantage for Utility Companies?

The utilities sector is highly competitive, with new competitors and technologies entering and disrupting the market each year. You can use real estate data to help strengthen your business and marketing strategy, identify market trends, drive greater customer engagement, and pinpoint and reach out to new prospects.

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