The ATTOM Daas – Data as a Service – Solution pares down the loading, managing, and integration of data from ATTOM’s data warehouse so that you can focus on using information to build your business, and not on time-consuming data management. In fact, according to Data Science Weekly, about 80 percent of the time most project managers spend on a data project involves noodling around with loading, cleaning, and tailoring data – usually before they can do anything with it.

ATTOM DaaS takes all that legwork out. There’s no juggling, no files to fix, no munging. You don’t need an IT infrastructure. You don’t even need to expand your hardware or storage capacities because ATTOM DaaS is a cloud-based solution directly uploaded by ATTOM, so you can access your files and data from anywhere.

You don’t need to be a data expert because ATTOM DaaS lends exceptional customer support to help clients understand and seamlessly integrate information from disparate data sets, across platforms, data partners, and multiple project collaborators.

A Secure and Scalable Solution

Microsoft Azure SQL is the heart of ATTOM’s modern, intuitive, user-friendly data platform, built to be flexible, scalable, cost-effective, and secure. Azure SQL operates within stringent security compliance standards and yet still allows data to be tailored to individual projects, updated as needed, and shared among any number of collaborators.

Azure SQL offers multi-layer security through advanced threat detection, dynamic data masking, firewall-protected virtual networks, advanced encryption and authentication protocols, and internal auditing and data tracking.

ATTOM’s platform detects and diagnoses disruptive events that cause poor performance – excessive wait times, long lags, errored requests, etc. – and, where possible, recommends performance improvements. ATTOM DaaS also backs up data with read-access geo-redundant storage that provides pinpoint records of what data was accessed, who was working with the data, and where they accessed.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

With superior functionality, scalability, reliability, and support, ATTOM DaaS is the foundation on which to build for the future, with a partner committed to providing robust, state-of-the-art data management solutions to grow – and grow with – your business.

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