Loan Model & Value Data

Positions. Equity. Analytics.

Loan Model and Value Data from ATTOM Data

ATTOM Data’s loan model provides loan positions and loan status for residential properties across the U.S.

Loan model data typically includes details like:

  • Loan Position
  • Lender Name & Type
  • Loan Amount
  • Recording Data
  • Loan Type & Mortgage Type
  • Document Number & Transaction ID

Benefits of ATTOM Data’s Loan Model

Easy Access to Real Estate Loan Data

  • Allows you full history of loan position and loan status for residential properties.

Accurate Equity Estimate

  • Amortize based on recording dates and estimates the total remaining balance across all loans.

More Reliable Loan Positions

  • Access a list of active loans and first, second, or third loan positions helps know where your lender stands.

Better Decision Making

  • Improve your planning and risk assessment by utilizing ATTOM equity estimates and loan positions.

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Loan Model and Value Data?

Map-Oriented Applications


  • Prospect lists based on property loan amounts or equity
  • Collateral content with estimated loan balances and equity
Map-Oriented Applications


  • Equity trends and reports
  • Mortgage insurance quote estimations
  • Property and market evaluations
  • Investor portals and reports
Map-Oriented Applications

Associations to Other Data

  • Property Assessor Data
  • Property Transaction History
  • Pre-Foreclosure and Default Related Data
  • MLS Data
  • Pre-Mover Data

See How ATTOM’s Loan Model Data Can Make a Difference for Your Business!