Landlord Land

Landlord Land

A real estate dance party is being led by a new breed of rental property investors

But some local markets may soon be without a dance partner

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Access to national and local market data worth more than $2,500!

This 15-page report includes:

  • An in-depth data analysis of what — and who — is driving the 2012-to-present real estate boom
  • The rise and fall of institutional investors, and who is filling the void
  • Who invited home flippers to this real estate dance party?
  • Breakdown of investors by number of properties owned — never before released data!
  • Special focus on three bellwether markets: Dallas, Nashville and Seattle
  • Insights from more than a half-dozen national and local market experts
  • More than 15 colorful charts illustrating key market trends
  • First-time homebuyer and affordability trends
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