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Instant Transactional Data on iBuyer Trends

In today’s evolving real estate market, iBuyers have emerged at a fast pace by offering convenience, speed and certainty in real estate transactions. As iBuyers continue to expand into various markets across the nation, real estate investors and analysts want to better understand these trends. ATTOM Data Solutions can provide an in-depth look at the market share on this ever-expanding business model and help uncover emerging trends.

Understanding the Real Estate iBuyer Impact

With the real estate market ripe for disruption, iBuyers are leading the way. Therefore, better understanding where they are purchasing, the types of homes they are purchasing, as well as the volume and price points at which they are purchasing, can help provide valuable insights in a data-driven economy.

Knowing the purchasing power of iBuyers is just one piece of the puzzle. Identifying markets where iBuyers are selling also reveals the impact these iBuyers are having on the overall housing market. Our data uncovers who they are selling to and at what pace.

Stay Informed with Valuable Insights on iBuyers

  • Historical Overview
  • Market Trends
  • Property Address
  • Lot Information
  • Buyers Names
  • Seller Data
  • Homeownership Details

How Can You Use ATTOM’s iBuyer Trend Data?

Insurance Companies

Real Estate Investors

Discover property trends and recent home acquisitions to gain a better understanding of a specific iBuyer market for potential investing opportunities. 

OSHA Compliance

Market Analysis

Research iBuyer hot spots to see the types of properties being purchased and how those trends are affecting the overall market.


Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Uncover areas where iBuyers are emerging to get a better grasp on the market and a detailed competitor analysis.

Institutional Investing Today & The iBuyer Impact

Get an in-depth look into the current housing market conditions in 2021, while reviewing institutional buying trends and discussing how iBuyers are faring in today’s market.

High-Level Takeaways Include:

  • An overall look at home prices and historical home sales over the years
  • Overview of institutional investor activity by the numbers
  • Insight on iBuying offers, purchases and acceptance rates in today’s market
  • The growth of ‘Power Buyers’
  • Institutional buyer trends
  • And more…


  • Jennifer von Pohlmann, Director of Content and PR, ATTOM
  • Stefan Peterson, Chief Data Officer, zavvie

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