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ATTOM’s Real Estate Sales Trends for Texas

The State of Flux in Real Estate Sales Trends in Texas

ATTOM’s real estate sales trends data capture the elements relevant to the past, current, and future real estate market. In Texas, accurate real-time sales data serves as critical resources for informed buyers, sellers, and investors.

texas real estate trends

In 2020, the COVID pandemic brought the Texas real estate industry to a halt. Economic uncertainty caused home sales to dive. However, by the end of the year, there was an influx of out-of-state residents—370,000 of them.

Major cities in Texas are now among the most active real estate markets nationwide. Austin is expected to be the nation’s hottest market for the second year in a row.

texas real estate
texas property trends

Some real estate agents complained that the chaotic housing market with astonishing bidding wars hampered their ability to predict prices, and keeping up with the pace of sales prices was a struggle.

Inflated prices are everywhere, not just in the cities. In Galveston, while most buyers of property on the island are Texans buying a second home, buyers from Colorado and New York are attracted to the low prices, not to mention the mild winters.

texas realty trends

Understanding these specific factors and identifying real estate data trends helps those in the Texas real estate industry to understand the valuation swings within the local real estate market.

Know What’s Going on in the Real Estate Market in Texas

Find out where the Texas real estate sales trends data shifts.


Find where home-seller gains are strongest.


Uncover areas with the most institutional investor activity.


Learn where first-time homebuyers are purchasing

ATTOM’s Texas real estate market trends data is based on ATTOM’s Home Sales Report.

Discover the following trends for the state of Texas:

  • Home seller price gains
  • FHA Sales
  • Short sales
  • Median home sales prices
  • Institutional investor purchases
  • Third-party foreclosure auction sales
  • Homeownership tenure
  • REO Sales
  • Total distressed sales

The real estate industry in the state of Texas is volatile. Real estate agents, investors, and marketers all need ATTOM’s real estate sales trends to make sense of the rapidly shifting trends.

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