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ATTOM’s Real Estate Sales Trends for Florida

Florida’s Real Estate Sales Trends

ATTOM’s real estate sales trends for Florida provide insights and predictions for the state of Florida’s housing market based on historic data that gives the whole story.

Real Estate Sales Trends Florida

Major factors affecting real estate sales trends in Florida are the weather and the lack of state income tax or estate tax. Many new Florida residents came from northern states like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Illinois for the warmer weather and the financial advantages.

Low interest rates have made it easier to buy real estate, and the COVID-19 pandemic allowed many to relocate to Florida and work from home. Demand is higher than supply in the state of Florida, which is pushing up prices. The 72-million-strong Millennial generation began to buy homes as first-time buyers, and supply-chain post-pandemic challenges hampered the construction of new homes.

Florida Real Estate Sales Trends
Florida Realty Trends

Freddie Mac cites a construction industry that has underbuilt since the 2008 financial crisis, which has compounded the lack of housing. Some predict that construction will ramp up to meet growing demand once supply chain issues resolve.

Knowing these trends that help those in the real estate industry to understand whether the single-family Florida housing market will be lucrative or whether vacation rentals are a better choice for investors. Will property prices continue to rise in the future? Will interest rates will remain affordable? Which areas across the state see continued growth, or will central, south, or north Florida areas differ?

Know What’s Going on in Florida’s Real Estate Market

Find out where the hidden gems are in the state of Florida.


Find where home-seller gains are strongest


Areas with the most institutional investor activity


Where first-time homebuyers are purchasing

Florida’s real estate market trends are constantly updated with more real estate data being added daily.

Discover the following trends for the state of Florida:

  • Home-seller price gains
  • All-cash purchases
  • Short sales
  • Median home sales prices
  • Institutional investor purchases
  • Third-party foreclosure auction sales
  • Homeownership tenure
  • FHA, REO Sales
  • Total distressed sales

The real estate industry in the state of Florida is volatile. Real estate agents, real estate investors, marketers all need ATTOM’s real estate sales trends to make sense of the rapidly shifting trends.

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