School Data

Public Schools. Private Schools. Colleges & Universities.

Comprehensive School Data Gives Users a Competitive Advantage

ATTOM’s nationwide school data covers both private and public schools (K-12), as well as details on school districts, colleges and universities.

For home buyers, renters, investors and other real estate professionals, knowing the reputation and details of local schools and school districts, along with opportunities for higher education in the area can be an important feature. School data can be an essential component for users when deciding on where to buy or rent.

Data Gets Down to Specifics People Want to Know

With more than 130,000 private and public schools (K-12) in ATTOM’s national database and data fields that include:

  • Specific Programs
  • School Ratings and Reviews
  • Class Statistics
  • Enrollment
  • Grade Span
  • Teaching Staff
  • Test Score Rating
  • Class Size and more

ATTOM can group these fields into various categories to fit your data needs.

Not to mention datasets at the collegiate level that include detailed academic, financial and student life information grouped into the following categories:

  • College Name
  • College Location
  • Enrollment
  • Tuition
  • Student Demographics
  • Expenses
  • Crime on or near Campus
  • SAT/ACT Scores

How Can You Use ATTOM’s Detailed School Data?

Real Estate Portals

Real Estate Portals

Brokerages and agents can leverage the data directly to their website, enabling users the ability to view schools in areas that may be of interest.

Land Use

Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors can use school data to determine the quality of schools within a neighborhood when they are investigating the health of a community to invest in.


Third party companies can build products to target specific audiences interested in the quality of schools their children could attend.

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