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Tarrant County Foreclosure Data

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Foreclosures in Tarrant County, TX are on the rise. Texas is a non-judicial foreclosure state, and foreclosures are expected to continue to increase over the foreseeable future. According to the data available through ATTOM, foreclosures are increasing due to a variety of factors.

Tarrant County, TX includes one of Texas’ largest metro areas including Fort Worth, Arlington, Bedford, and 38 other cities. Over 2.1 million people live in Tarrant County.

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The State of Foreclosure Statistics in Tarrant County, TX

The State of Foreclosure Statistics in Tarrant County, TX

ATTOM’S real estate data reveals key insights into the state of foreclosure statistics in Tarrant County, Texas. With distinct increases in Notice of Defaults, Notice of Trustee’s Sales, and Real Estate Owned properties under repossession, the market is hot for foreclosure properties. Coupled with wage disparities in the state of Texas, the housing market continues to be under significant pressure.

The Lone Star State in general is suffering from a housing crisis of its own, with a shortage of affordable rental properties for those in the lowest poverty category. Many of these households are suffering from a significant cost-burden, spending well over half their income on housing.

These factors, among others, contribute to Tarrant County’s foreclosure increases, and the increase of foreclosures across the state.

Overview of Tarrant County, Texas Foreclosures

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Home prices have been on the rise, as well, up some 19.9% over a year alone. Homes are also selling more quickly, but the number of homes that have sold is slightly less than in recent years.

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Most homes in Tarrant County stay on the market an average of 21 days and receive at least 5 offers before the final sale. In addition to single-family homes, Tarrant County also has a variety of other property types that sell quickly including condos and townhouses.

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Investors recognize Tarrant as a prime location to locate high-quality home foreclosures. While the pandemic has significantly changed the real estate market throughout the country, Tarrant County remains a hotbed for investment.

Whether to flip the home or to use it as a rental property, Tarrant County offers significant benefits to investors, making the foreclosure market of prime interest. The growth of cities like Fort Worth and Dallas make the market extremely hot, and the job market coupled with a rise in rental rates ensure that an investment in a foreclosed home holds potential for a significant ROI.

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