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Pima County, AZ Foreclosure Data

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The Distressed Market is Prime for Investment

Pima County, Arizona is home to over 1,047,279 individuals. The county encompasses multiple cities in Arizona including Tucson, Green Valley, Marana, and many others. The estimated household income in the county is $56,169, and the average home price is around $289,900.

Real estate data shows that the market in Pima County, AZ isn’t particularly hot. However, the affordability of the average home sold makes it a prime target for investors. Southern Arizona’s real estate, in general, has been booming, but it is Tucson’s real estate market that continues to make headlines in the industry. Its slow recovery after the 2008 housing bust has caused it to go largely overlooked by investors.

But with supply and demand continuing to favor sellers, prices in the area continue to go up. For individuals looking for an investment opportunity from foreclosures, the county is an intriguing location, to say the least.

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Trends in Foreclosures in Pima County, AZ

Pima County, Arizona has experienced an interesting trend in foreclosures over the past few years. Diving down deeper into the local trends can help investors determine whether or not an investment in the area is a good idea for the portfolio.

House front door

The housing market in Tucson and the surrounding county is a mix of owner-occupied and renter-occupied units. Real estate data reveals that single-family detached homes are the most common properties in the city.

What makes Arizona a budding housing market?Well, for one, Tucson is one of Southern Arizona’s most thriving metro areas. With over a million residents in the area and many more coming to the region during the winter months, Tucson offers serious potential for investors. The more companies that the area can attract, the more likely it is to become a booming real estate market.

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Most single-family homes can be purchased for less than $200,000, with prices trending upwards by 10% each year. Interestingly, even RVs are considered a hot real estate property in this part of the country and can be purchased for $40,000 or less.

Gain That Competitive Edge

If you’re interested in foreclosure investment in Pima County, Arizona, keep the following foreclosure data points in mind.

  • HOA Foreclosures
  • Notice of Foreclosure Sale
  • Default Notices
  • Notice of Trustee’s Sale
  • Bank Real Estate Owned Completed Foreclosures (REOs)

Each of these data points reveals both the interest there is in the market, the health of the market, and pre-market foreclosure information. Getting access to this information early can help investors secure valuable property for far less than they’d be able to purchase it on the housing market alone. The one place you can access this comprehensive real estate data is through ATTOM.

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