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Allegheny County, PA Foreclosure Data

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Accurate Foreclosure Data for Allegheny County, PA

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania has a population of some 1.2 million people with a household income of $67,871. Some 10% of its population are living in poverty, however, which is contributing to the rise in foreclosures in the county.

Real estate data reveals a trend in home price declines, as well. Countywide, median prices of home sales are down some 3.6%, making it an excellent market for property investors. Each year during the holiday season, however, the county sees a downturn in real estate prices due to a lack of interest.

Within the Allegheny County, PA line are cities including Pittsburgh, Bethel Park, Bakerstown, and many others. The Pittsburgh area, on the contrary, has experienced record residential real estate sales over the past few years, with trends indicating further growth in the future.

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What You Should Know About the State of Foreclosure in Allegheny County, PA

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania is quickly becoming one of the most desirable real estate markets in the Northeast, particularly the city of Pittsburgh. With median listing prices continuing to rise by tens of percentages each year, it’s easy to see the growth.

Investors interested in cash-flowing housing options to hold over the long-term will find Pittsburgh to be an attractive location to buy. The entire county, however, holds out prospects with foreclosure data indicating a particularly appealing set of figures to fuel decision-making.

With persistent to moderate growth ahead of the biggest city in Allegheny County, some 2.3 million residents live in the metro area, it makes good sense to consider this an investment opportunity.

What demographic is pushing the growth forward? According to economists, young adults and Asian immigrants are the greatest driving force in the housing market, while elderly residents make up the smallest number of homeowners.

Accurate Foreclosure Data for Allegheny County, PA

Overview of Foreclosures in Allegheny County, PA

Overview of Foreclosures Data
Real estate data is showing that foreclosures in Allegheny County are attractive but still at a relatively low inventory placement. This results in historically higher sale prices than before the pandemic. The county is already seeing a jump in median listing prices, which is on trend with the rest of the nation. Some homes have been selling tens of thousands above the asking price, which makes the area a hot real estate market that investors should take note of.

Lower median household income is also driving foreclosures in Allegheny County. The fallout from the pandemic coupled with stagnating wages is contributing to foreclosures in an already exciting market.

Secure The Latest Foreclosure Data for Allegheny, PA

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